Hair Loss

In my last post I wrote about changes and my thoughts on it. In this post I am writing about a change that is more personal to me. This post is about hair loss as you might have guessed by the title. From the numerous conversations I have had with others, reading countless articles, and watching videos on the subject I noticed that everyone who has gone through or is going through hair loss had a very different outlook on the matter. Some accepted the fact that they are losing hair and embraced the new look while others searched high and low for anything that could further prevent hair loss and possibly even reverse the effects. We all handle situations differently, which is great, so it was nice to see how others have handled what I am going through.

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All around the world there is constant change. These changes have effects on us whether it be grand or small. For example, a grand change globally would be how the coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting us now. An example of a small, but mighty change would be an individual changing their habits to be more environmentally friendly. Change can be scary and most times we often resist it. We tend to stick to what is familiar to us and become comfortable to the routines that we are used to. Do you feel that change is a good thing?

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Earth Day 2020

This year marks the 50th celebration of Earth Day! Celebrated on April 22nd of every year it is a time to give back to mother nature. Having a clean environment is essential for healthy living. Earth day is a day where people around the world unite to demonstrate their support for environmental protection and restoration. It may seem that environmentalism has gone mainstream in the past few years (I’m calling you out VCSO girls), but there is still a lack of important improvements globally. Continue reading


Taking the time to do something that makes you happy is called self-care. It is the practice of improving one’s health. Self-care may look differently for everyone. It is not a one size fits all. For some it may be pouring a glass of wine after a work day and for others it may be going to the gym to exercise. We all practice self-care everyday to some extent, but it is important to be more mindful of exactly how we are taking care of ourselves each new day. 

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(Temporary) Adjustments – Coronavirus

We all have had this happen to us; you plan on doing something and the universe intervenes cancelling what you had wanted to do. Like most of the people in the world the coronavirus interrupted our lives forcing us all to readjust. Businesses had to change their practices, schools moved to remote online learning, families asked to stay in quarantines, and so on. Depending on your field of work you are either able to work from home (WFH), going in-person as you would normally only now with heightened emotions and awareness, or furloughed/layoff. Continue reading

Places: Hospitals

The initial association when one thinks of hospitals is most likely negative. Visits to the hospital are usually when one is sick or injured, unless you are there to visit someone or to work. It’s hard at first not to look at hospitals in a negative way. If you are in the emergency room (ER), you can see, and sometimes hear, the pain and agony that others are going through.

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Places: Airports


Airports are interesting. There are a lot of things going on wherever you look. When you take the time to look around, you will find travelers, family members, friends, flight attendants, pilots, security, and various workers of the airport who allow our visit a to be enjoyable as possible. Hugs are given, good byes are said, tears are shed, and status updates are made.

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Being Happy

Being happy is more complicated than I originally thought. Growing up, I realized that the more I experienced the more it became harder to be truly happy. Watching the news, discussing world events in a classroom, and witnessing how others really treat one another made me rethink of everything that I had believed in. I originally believed that every person genuinely cared for the well being of strangers.

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